Comfy Sounds for Comfy Vibes: Youtube Music presents an Evening with Pink Sweat$


Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Ike Abakah

When it comes to the scope of modern melodic music, Pink Sweat$ is amongst one of the popular names that’s been making headway in the past 18 months. As his celebrity continues to rise in the nation and beyond, so is his performances and opportunities that he’s being assigned to.

Recently Pink Sweats $ paired with Youtube Music for an unique performance event called “An Evening with Pink $weats”. The night was filed with in-depth conversation with Sweat$ and commentators going about his sound and material then it was followed with an intimate performance amongst some of the NYC audience that was in attendance. Our leading staff photographer Ike Abakah caught the action and was able to display it in a fresh fashion.

Check out the new recap of everything below.