Ladies Leading in Music // Her Music Club Event Recap

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Written by Greg Harris

Women have also played a pivotal role into the direction of music. Whether they are the muse or the people behind the production of executing a Grammy-nominated record, women have gone above and beyond to stand behind the art that they’re creating. In an age where music is getting distributed at faster rates and more artists are emerging days at a time, Her Music Club finds itself as one of Los Angeles’ key playmakers of acknowledging the modern female pioneers that have sketched their place in the industry at this moment.

We recently had a chance to get some insight in the club from Monique Chavez, the explorative founder behind Her Music Club. Here are some words on the background of the club and why it started below

“Her Music Club was initially inspired by a night out with a few different girlfriends in the industry. I left dinner feeling extremely empowered and on a mission to create change within the industry - I wanted to recreate that experience on a larger scale. What started out as just an idea to create a night out for women in music to come together, have a few glasses of wine, and network soon blossomed into an event/community where we not only feature performances from upcoming artists and put them in a room with publishers, label execs, Spotify and Apple - but also feature a panel of female executives who want to create change within the industry and empower other females to do the same.

We quickly found ourselves in a position of change and saw how needed something like this was in the industry - not only for women who are already in the industry but for women who just got into or are looking to get into the industry. Our main goal is to empower and elevate women to reach for those power spots and leadership roles; to make sure and push women to demand acceptance and equality and feel like they belong whether it be in a writer’s room, a guitar shop, a sound check, or a big meeting at a long table with nothing but male executives. We need to create change and we’re starting here.”

Given this type of insight, it provides a strong backbone for what Monique and her friends are building in the LA area. Although it’s exclusively on the West Coast for now, it’s showing what female leadership can do for aspiring individuals looking to be in the industry and give them the opportunity to be apart of a community that’s continuing to thrive across America. The spark in more female-driven panels/events in the music industry are continuing to increase and ascending with great cause because it’s ultimately providing a platform that shows women they should be no fear to compete in the big leagues.

Check out an exclusive recap of the event featuring the following below.



Ally Brooke (Fifth Harmony)

Ivy Adara

Kat Dahlia

Dana Williams



DJ Smiles

DJ Lezlee (Real 92.3)



Lala Romero (Beats 1) - Moderator

Kittens (DJ/Producer/Founder of PWR - a DJ workshop for women)

Sherin Moustafa (Management - Becky G)

Kate Loesch (A&R, Capitol Records)

Ashley Calhoun (VP of A&R, Pulse Music Group)

Becky Lopez (Programming, Power 106)

Kat Dahlia (Singer/Songwriter)





Health-Ade Kombucha

Nelly’s Bars

Little Door (LA)

D’Amores Pizza

Skinny Bitch Pizza