Connect(ing)-in-the-Cut // WifiEverywhere's "Wifi and Friends 2" Party Recap

MLM WIFI 2.png

Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Ike Abakah

The Northeast culture scene is certainly one to keep an eye on when it comes to different ranges of talent. One of the most intriguing places in the Tri-State area is Connecticut, it’s not the first place on people’s radar but it is a hidden place that holds some of the freshest individuals you can encounter within the Northeastern region of the nation.

Speaking of fresh minded people, DJ duo WifiEverywhere has been keeping CT on tilt with their latest party series, “Wifi & Friends”. We recently had the chance to get the inside look into festivities with the help of our lead photographer, Ike Abakah. Check out the sights and scenes of the party.

Check out the gallery below.