MLM RECAPS // JoeFreshGoods "Don't Be Mad In Houston"

JoeFreshGoods GIF .gif

Written by Greg Harris

The Houston art scene has been bubbling over the past few years with different creatives from the city and outside of the city have made their way into the City of Syrup with their unique perspective. As years progressed, more prolific guests started to roll through the Lone Star State, and one of the latest to leave his imprint on H-Town is Chicago designer, JoeFreshGoods.

The king of specialized streetwear, Joe has been receiving love from the masses doing projects based on The Obamas, Trump, and now getting to the point of unifying different cities with their own designs. He came to the Bayou City to present his "Don't Be Mad In Houston". Our good friend and fellow MLM Photographer/Videographer Luis Juarez captured some awesome VHS footage of the event.