Savor the Flavor: Cymple’s “Sauce Up Shop” Recap with Prime Life and The Milennial 


Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Nico C 

Palm Trees, beaches, and the sunshine are only a few reasons why some folks make their way out West. The vibes of California can be contagious and it makes their fashion is just as effective to the rest of their world with their influence. From the golden roads of Rodeo Dr to the trendsetting brands that made their mark on Fairfax, Los Angeles has created a hub for threads to become their entity. Continuing the tradition of blazing their own path, Cymple collaborated with Prime Life and The Milennial for their second pop up shop, “The Sauce Up Shop”. The three brands brought three different perspectives of clothes and accessories to the forefront while incorporating great beverages, vibes, and sense of appreciation and pride for the independent hustle. 

Check out the full recap by our contributing photographer, Nico C .