Dallas Designer Talk: Tay Money BTS Video Shoot by Chris Simon

 Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Chris Simon

The Dallas-Fort Worth scene continues to grow with grassroots creatives such as the electrifying lyrics that's delivered by the charismatic T.Y.E. to the mind boggling visuals directed by Dance Dailey to the nationwide success of the reckless vibes of Tay K. Still known as "America's Team" when it comes to football but the DFW area has carved out their own lane with more talented artists who are emerging. One of the most intriguing that's been making their way to the surface is Tay Money, a chick who flaunts her designer threads as much as she boasts confidently in her bars.

Our staff photographer, Chris Simon take some behind the scenes shots of her latest DontHypeMe directed visual. Check out the scenes of it below.