Fresh Game: An Inside Look of Brea Simone’s “Now You Know” Panel 

Written by Greg Harris

Living in the midst of the Northeast, the matter of getting to big stage of New York’s possibilities and opportunities is a feat that most aim to strike for but not many accomplish. Outside “The City Never Sleeps”, there are city and states that seem more like little siblings compared to the electricity and radiance one can find in NYC but it Connecticut resident and cultivator Brea Simone wants to turn the tables. The influencer of vibes for CT has put her finger on the pulse onto the growing scene that involves some of the best photographers, videographers, and personalities in the area. Not only did she want to embrace her peers but she wanted to enlighten them as well. 

Her “Now You Know Panel” was the answer to Connecticut’s manifest destiny when it comes to elevating the culture behind what Philip Post of Dertbag, Rich Hil, and others have paved before them. In this featured panel she featured the likes of Rob Markman of Genius, 40oz Van right-hand man and self-elevated entrepreneur Devin Cobbs, Dinnerland Editor in Chief Yan Snead, Senior Producer at Cycle Erin A Simon, and CBS Radio DJ Meechie. All of these people gave insight on their profession, how they’re innovating the culture, and how they aim to progress for years to come. It was a special moment for the city and what it aims to bring, thanks to Ms. Simone. 

All of the photos documented that night by Shaun Llewellyn