Lonny X brings out New Haven for the "Full Court Press" Listening Party


Written by Greg Harris // Photos by SenpaiQuincy  

The Connecticut music scene is flourishing into a haven where artists are continuing to grow and exceed their state's expectations. In relation to artists who are growing in the area are the likes of Ksubi Kayy, Say Kuro, Myke Green, and more but along with their ascension to reach the stage of stardom, Lonny X is emerging as one of the leads in CT who's going to revolutionize their sound. In part of becoming one of the star rappers in the area, Lonny has prepared his most anticipated project, "Full Court Press". As apart of creating a series of listening parties he has conducted, the first stop was in New Haven and our guest photographer SenpaiQuincy captured the essence of the night. 

Check out the recap below.