Josh Peas Interview with Greg Harris (2015) // Fye Guys Radio

Written by Greg Harris

Over my time as a journalist, it's a magnificent feeling when you have the chance to tell someone's story. Among some of my favorite pieces that I've done over the years has stem from the place of feature writing because it's a in-depth process of getting to know your subject at hand. 

If you've been indulged in the streetwear culture for quite some time, then it comes to no surprise if you know who this individual above is. Josh Peas has served as a cultural compass with his endeavors with his former business Peas and Carrots, that also was brought to fruition with the likes of Anwar Carrots and Casey Veggies, he's also dived in the elements of managing artists such as Pinky Liberachi, and most importantly carved his own lane into fashion as well with his "Ain't Shit Funny" lifestyle brand. 

In this audio piece, we revisit a time where I had a chance to reflect with Josh on his upbringing, his time at P&C, how has he grown into the businessman he is now, and more. 

Listen below.