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Talkin' Fresh: Evan Wickersham of Infect Co.

In introductory interview, we're heading over to the plains and city life of Philadelphia to get familiar with Evan Wickerson, a individual whose been consistent and persistent with his hustle of becoming one of the influencers in his area and beyond. He started in the game with his brand, "Wyckly" and has spread his wings to introduce the world of his other line, "Infect" to the forefront. They recently had their pop up shop with streetwear and culture app Yugen Creations and rising Connecticut artist Myke Green, and since then the progression of the brand has soared.

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UnCamofluaged and Unfazed: How Kylie Jenner Stole My Classmate’s Brand Identity, PluggedNYC

In recent years these groundbreaking students have ranged from the likes of fashion maven and Kanye West affiliate Jalil Peraza, men’s fashion influencer Igee Okafor, fashionista and style/beauty expert Alyssa Neilson, Billboard Magazine’s go to writer/reporter Adelle Platon, and now we have Tizita Balemlay, who’s brand has been blazing the threads of our timelines with Kylie Jenner accused of stealing her designing concepts. 

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