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Poetry in Palacose : How This DIY Brand, Palacose is Changing The Fashion Forefront in Texas

If you can scan the scope of the Houston scene, it’s a lot of brands who look to mimic one another or try to do things that may exist in other markets. It’s only a handful who look to change the landscape with originality and delivering different goods to the forefront for folks to enjoy. In the midst of looking for brands to fill that space, Palacose has chosen to follow its own lane to create a new route for Houstonians to develop DIY fashion lines. 

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Houston creative brand, GhostTown Saints FC changes the pace of the city's scene with 1of1 pieces, Creative Workshops, + More

One of the brands that’s making headlines and capturing much attention is the soccer inspired brand, GhostTown Saints FC. Flipping the popular identity of your favorite soccer squads, GhostTown uses it’s sleek, simplistic dark image as a propeller to offer custom designs for customers to enjoy.

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