Buzzing streetwear brand, ByMyLonely pays an ode to the Screwed Up Click with their “R.I.P Screw” Commemorative Drop


Written by Greg Harris

When it comes to the fashion scene that’s being brought up in Houston, it’s a lot of flavors to choose from to say the least. The midst of independent brands that have set the tone for their collective region has certainly gave a voice for rising designers from different parts of the city to release heat for locals and people nationwide to enjoy.

One of those creative collectives that’s doing just that is ByMyLonely. Sticking to their guns and establishing a different type of footing in Houston has given one of the most unique clothing platforms for kids in Houston to embrace. As they continue to apply pressure with their events and collections, they pay homage to the Houston OGs that came before them with their “R.I.P. Screw” drop. The custom tees and hoodies take on a vintage collage effect that wraps the essential lifestyle of legendary Houstonians who’ve paved the way for the newer ones. It’s a fresh dedication piece that you can put in your closet for this fall/winter.

Check out the photos below and shop with them here.