Some Good Comes Out Of (Half )Evil: Half Evil Co. Hurricane Harvey Donation Article 


Written by Greg Harris 

Despite the recent success of what’s going on in Houston sports with the Astros reaching the World Series and the Rockets off to a great start this season, The Bayou City went through its fair share of hardships when Hurricane Harvey made it past the Gulf of Mexico. Seeing the strong need of supplies and support, various organizations reached out to lend a helping hand to the victims in Houston and surrounding areas. In the midst of helping out victims, one of our own from the streetwear community proceeded to raise money for Harvey as well. 

Coming out of the land of Connecticut, Half Evil Co has been making their waves with altering the perception of buying style for cheap. Offering different designs based on the “333” belief, Half Evil delivers these fresh garments for an equal price of $3.33 and it’s a drop that comes with them every month. While creating a system that benefits the supplier and customer, Half Evil decided to use these same forces for Hurricane Harvey with their “Fuck Joel Olsteen” tees. The tees sold out relatively quickly with the tremendous response from Social Media, and in the short time of it’s release, Half Evil collected over $400 during the release. 

Still keeping the Hurricane Harvey victims in mind, the proceeds of the shirt went to the Boys and Girls Club - Greater Houston chapter. With this move, Half Evil did during the Hurricane gave light to not only what the streetwear community can produce but what the brand can stand for at the end of the day. Taking the initiative to help others, Half Evil showed us it’s a brand for the people, not the price tag. 

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