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Roll The Tape!: Lamar University Versatile Star, Colton Weisbrod

With the NBA Draft right around the corner, it's certain that different draft picks will be talked about in the next few days. While some other players have been much attention from various press outlets, Colton Weisbrod remains a dark horse in a stacked draft and this may work to his benefit.

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Roll The Tape!: Lamar University Sharpshooter, James Harrison is poised for the next level

Although Beaumont may be one of the interesting places one may want to visit while they're in Texas, it's certainly becoming one of the hottest beds of talent in sports. In recent years, Lamar University has been setting up shop for some of the most equipped athletes to come out of the Southland Conference, and one of these names include James Harrison. The sharpshooter from the Greater Houston area has shown much potential with only a year of playing time with the team averaging nearly 9 points a game and shooting nearly 40 percent from the three-point line.

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Sheck Wes talks with SLAM Mag about Basketball, Kanye West, Travis Scott, and more

If you're haven't been staying afloat in the music scene, Sheck Wes is easily one of the most recognizable talents to cross the surface this past year. With gaining steam with songs such as "Mo Bamba" and "Live Sheck Wes/Die Sheck Wes", Wes has established a footing in the game with his rambunctious sound while also still implementing his roots in basketball as well.

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The Wave Papi: How Uninterrupted shows Kelly Oubre Jr's story

In the midst of the NBA Playoffs, some of the freshest NBA content has been publishing in the past few weeks. One of the most favored and followed pieces of content is Uninterrupted's series piece on rising Washington Wizards player, Kelly Oubre Jr. Following the self-proclaimed "Wave Papi" unfolds the life behind one of the league's most emerging players. From the aspects of his fashion, family, and friends, his philanthropy work, and more.

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Locker Room Talk: Marcus Oliver // University of Houston OL

In the midst of doing so, we wanted to highlight the stellar career of University of Houston offensive lineman, Marcus Oliver. Before making a big splash at Coog U, Oliver rose through the ranks by being one of the most sought out OL in the Greater North Houston area and played a pivotal role during his school years at the iconic Westfield High School. Shortly playing under HS Football legend Corby Meekins, Oliver committed himself to the University of Houston and spent his college years playing in his hometown and playing alongside his brother, All-American Ed Oliver. 

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Roll The Tape! : Team Harden player, Bryce Griggs shows his versatility in AAU Game

In the sport of basketball, AAU Basketball is essential to the play of different players across the country due to being out the season and the competition rises in a way that shows off the intensity and the hunger that comes out of each team that's involved. In this Take My Talent produced video, rising 8th Grader Bryce Griggs gets into his groove with displaying his strong offensive skills while also dominating on the defensive end for Team Harden.

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Locker Room Talk: Caron Butler

For those who aren't familiar with the former NBA All-Star, Caron Butler had a storied career at the historic University of Connecticut and this led him to become one of the most versatile yet definable players in the NBA during the era of the early 2000s to the earlier parts of this decade. During his tenure in the league, he was one of the dominant forces on the Washington Wizards, playing alongside Gilbert Arenas, and Antwan Jamison. After he left there, he was bouncing around different teams, in the process of doing that he played a pivotal role into the Dallas Mavericks run to getting their first championship in franchise history. After his retirement, he has remained a constant advocate for basketball running different camps, being an analyst, and providing different formats of funderaising. 

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Luck of the Irish: Boston Celtics Surpassing Expectations

When the Boston Celtics opened the 2017 season, many people had them finally getting over the hump and winning the East, and maybe even win their 19th NBA Championship.

Just off the top, they had the number one seed in the Eastern Conference last year, made it to the conference finals, and though they lost, they retooled. They added Jayson Tatum from the draft, then lured Gordon Hayward away from the Heat and Jazz, then shocked the NBA world by getting Kyrie Irving in a trade and sent Isaiah Thomas to the Cavs in return.

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Donovan Mitchell is the Utah Jazz's Diamond in the Rough

If you told me that Donovan Mitchell was going to be a better NBA pro than Lonzo Ball in the first month of the season, congratulations, you’re a prophet.

Not many people could have seen this coming. Based on the logic that draft position is “traditionally” supposed to make you a better prospect, Markelle Fultz and Lonzo Ball are supposed to be leagues better than Donovan Mitchell.

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The Lake Show: Why Kyle Kuzma is the most NBA ready Laker 

After watching a relatively unknown rookie out of Utah erupt for 21.9 points and 6.4 rebounds per game and claim the Summer League Championship MVP honors, this is exactly what you began to hear from fans and analysts alike.

You can’t blame anyone for being skeptical.  In his sophomore year at Utah, Kyle Kuzma put up just 10.8 PPG on 25% shooting from three. Not exactly numbers that jump out at you.  It wasn’t  until his junior year that things really started to click for the Michigan native.  He set out to better his three-point shot.  He improved from 25% to 32% shooting from beyond the arc, scoring 16.8 PPG in the process.  Regardless, most experts didn’t expect Kuzma to be drafted at all, let alone in the first round.

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SUPERGriff: How Blake Griffin is evolving the Clippers

Is Blake Griffin a superstar?

I don’t know. After eight years in the league, I’m still not sure.  
I also don’t know if he’ll live up to his five-year, $173 million contract. But I do know Blake Griffin can do three things very well: he can punch very well, he can dunk very well, and he has the potential to change the game when he’s able to be on the court and healthy. 

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Herbs and Hoops: Marijuana’s Future In The NBA

If you had told me that medical marijuana could be legalized for professional athletes a few years ago, I probably would have laughed in your face. Or at least blocked you on all social media. 
But now in 2017, we’re looking at something that is on the verge of being brought to the table as a serious alternative to prescription painkillers for athletes. 

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⚡MLM Sports⚡ Get to Know CCU's Garner Harris

Coming in during their inaugural season, Harris stuck out as the “lead by example” figure for the CCU Eagles and was the enforcer on the offensive side of the ball. Despite having an unsuccessful streak as a team, Harris has made great breaks in his time at CCU like his 129 yard and 2 touchdown game earlier this month. The team captain has shown a tried and true effort on and off the field, and it’s only right for this standout talent to receive the recognition he deserves.

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Locker Room Talk: James Harrison, Lamar University Guard

In this first edition of our sports interview series, "Locker Room Talk", we bring forth a sharpshooting guard from Houston, James Harrison. After having a robust successful run with now Orlando Magic rookie, Wesley Iwundu in high school, Harrison has blazed a path for himself as a journey in the NCAA. Globe-trotting across various colleges in his career, Harrison finally finds a home in Beaumont, TX at Lamar University, a rising program in the Southland Conference who plan to make a big splash and head into NCAA tournament this upcoming season. 

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Rebuilding Los Angeles: How The Lakers Aim to Win Big This Season

Lavar Ball thinks the Lakers will win at least 50 games this season. That’d be a 24 game increase of last year’s win total.  The Cavs won just 20 more games when LeBron came back to Cleveland, and they traded for Kevin Love. So, you can do the math.  Maybe Lavar’s prediction was just a little bit much.  He’s been known to exaggerate his opinions a tad.  

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New Team, Same Vision: How the Clippers can become Contenders in 2017-18

The Clippers lost their best player in franchise history in Chris Paul. There’s no replacing that. At the same time, they did find a nice way to bounce back and fill a few of the pieces and actually come back with more depth than ever before. As part of the trade that sent Paul to Houston, the Clips received defensive pest Patrick Beverley, former Sixth Man of the Year Lou Williams, solid big Montrezl Harrell, and developing wing Sam Dekker.

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