Modern Methodology


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1st Base:  Public Relations, Marketing/Advertising, and Outreach 

- Our aim is to build a network for our client and do it in a way where it'll be most suitable for him to break in the correct market

- Attaching the client to credible outlets, publications and networks that can help solidify the client's brand 

- Staying in tact with different methods of advertising on and off line to ensure client visibility for the given project that the client is presenting 

         - Online: Newsletters, GIFvertisements, Paid Advertisements on Social Media Sites, On-Site Campaigns, Social Media Marketing, Contests + Giveaways 

         - Offline: Flyers, Banners, Native Outside Advertising, Contest + Giveaways, Creative Collaborations between different stores, different traditional media partners, + more.


2nd Base: Brand Enhancement + Brand Development 

- Seeing where the client stands as far as their image, social media standing + followers, what press the client has received and figuring out what makes their personal character, why are they unique in their respective industry, and how we can differentiate them from their competition or people in their lane.

- This ties into the "1st Base", seeing how those assets of networking + marketing can be vital to the client's brand and figuring out what methods will be most efficient in the sense of creating the right spectacle for the client. 

- Taking the time to scale the progress + seeing how these analytics can be used for future success. Scaling is one of the most valuable assets to this base, this asset proves what direction we can take the client in.  


3rd Base: Content Creation

- This portion falls into the line of production. Everything is done in-house, much like agencies Weiden + Kennedy, Translation, 72ndandSunny, Madbury Club, and more. We want to create material that can stand the test of time, be easily identifiable, and be remembered by going our own rules + pushing boundaries. 

- Whether it's our audio/visual production, social media content, short form/long form content, Modern Life Mag has to find the love/passion of the project first in order to further the process of producing material in a fashion where we engage our audience to feel, engage, become apart of, follow + share, and repeat. 

- With each piece of material, we want to differentiate ourselves from other agencies. We must be the voices of the next generation of marketers, advertisers, creatives, and more. We know what is popping and what is not, so let's behave in that manner and create the next wave of creative individuals and give them a place to call home at Modern Life. 


4th Base (Home Plate): Establish + Sustain Partnerships and Relationships

- In order to complete and coordinate good business in any sector, there must be a fruitful relationship that drives the nucleus of the work that we partner up to do.  There must be similar alignments of thinking that push towards progression, creating new avenues of thinking, and ultimately becoming an example to others to push the boundaries. 

- Not only do the relationships have to be fruitful, but we have to make it happen to the point where we can expand on the initial idea of our first project. We want to sustain our relationships as much as we want to establish relationships. Consistency, commitment, and creativity are pillars that'll push Modern Life and putting brands in a direction we can create content that'll stand the test of time. 

- This is one of the most important bases because this is where the projects starts and ends, if we don't have fruitful relationships, it's no way move to forward in order to enhance + create opportunity for us to make incredible work.