Young Deji and Wiz Khalifa bring out Southwest Houston to be apart of their video, "Snapchat" // BTS Content by Oaks

Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Oaks

It’s always important to capture the valuable moments that are sparking in the city at any given moment. Not long ago, Southwest Houston experienced something monumental with emerging artist Young Deji brought out the Alief area to a local Popeyes on Dairy-Ashford for a special video shoot that’ll include Grammy Nominated artist, Wiz Khalifa. The purpose of the event would be for their collaborative effort, “Snapchat” on Deji’s latest project, “Funplex”. The moment in time was captured by Oaks, an rising photographer who’s establishing his footing in the city’s creative scene as well with both local and national looks with the likes of Lil Wayne, Maxo Kream, James Harden, and more.

The sharp stills of the video shoot breathes life into the experience, and reminds viewers of the photos that this will have a special moment in time.

Check out the exclusive gallery of the video shoot below.