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Lo Life Lane x ICYTWAT connect on a smooth and futuristic project with their efforts on "Snow Beach EP"

While some others may not be hip to what’s going in this part of the nation, the Midwest section is making their own waves in the game with transcendent artists who are making their imprint. In the midst of the cities and states that’s making an effort to put on talent, Ohio is one of the front runners in the race with the direction they’re representing. In the bunch of artists, Lo Life Lane is a mellow act that’s been an impact with his clever rhymes at a consistent level.

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Lil GotIt - Crazy But Its True

Atlanta will always remain one of the main havens of sound when it comes to Hip-Hop, and they continue to turn up the pressure with new artists from the area that are making their influence as well. One of the new heavyweights that’s been showing growth in his sound is Lil GotIt. Making his official debut with his project, “Hood Baby”, he doesn’t let up with his new offering, “Crazy But Its True”.

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Tisakorean - A Guide To Being A Partying Freshman

It’s apparent that Texas has made it’s imprint in today’s social scene with their large influence but it’s even more apparent in the way that a lot of folks are dancing now. You can thank the nation sweeping dance craze, #TheWoah to being responsible and ushering in new artists that has created the soundtrack for the craze. One of the headlining acts to do so is Houston’s own Tisakorean, the wacky circus leader of this movement and most differentiated act in the new bubble of Texas artists making headlines nationwide.

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