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Brooklyn sniper, Krimlife Ca$$ delivers a hard-hitting double visual with his new video, "Red Dot"

While many may not be hip to what’s up with the underground scene that’s bubbling in the streets of New York City, but one of the scene’s most prominent artists that’s making much headway in the area is BK’s own Krimelife Ca$$. The slick-talking face-tatted rapper has been bringing folks into his sound with the release of his project, “19 & Dead” and countless new visuals that’s been keeping the Northeast region on fire.

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Los Angeles rapper, Ackrite gets armed and dangerous with Freddie Gibbs in his new visual, "Guerillaz"

The surface of the West Coast sound is something that’s becoming one of the interesting scenes in the country. The expansive nature of their scene has made it very intriguing to follow because it’s different aspects to consider when following their artists. From the different gangs they represent, what side of town they’re from, and more, it’s one thing that’s apparent, they have no time to play around and you see that clearly in Ackrite’s new visual, “Guerillaz”.

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Atlanta rising star, Lil Gotit recruits Gunna, Skooly, Lil Keed, and Dolly White for his single, "Blue Slimes"

One of Alamo Records brightest stars that has recently joined their roster is Atlanta emerging star, Lil Gotit. Making his stamp known on their nation’s forefront with the consistent work he has put out with another rising in the ATL, Lil Keed. Since then, he’s inked a deal with Alamo and he’s been on role with releasing fire singles that include the likes of Lil Keed, Lil Uzi Vert, Hoodrich Pablo Juan, and more.

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