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(Sound) + (Vision) pays tribute to Iggy Pop + Martin Margiela with new tee drop

Looking into infrastructure of indie fashion, it’s only a few designers who take time to research and pay homage to the greats that came before. One of the most notable in that bunch is Aaron Rice from (Sound) + (Vision). The Florida native continues to keep a keen eye to releasing pieces that pay homage to some of the greatest creatives in various areas.

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ACTIVITY keeps it Southern and Brash with their Latest 2000’s Influenced Drop

If you’ve been watching the scope of indie fashion, Activity has been placing it’s imprint into the game on multiple levels. From their signature Playboy Bunny design to setting the tone right with other themes in their arsenal as well, it’s easy to say that they’re in their bag when it comes to style and approach.

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Denver’s own streetwear haven Station Co. releases in-house products for the Fall

Although it may under-appreciated from the rest of the nation, Denver is becoming one of the hotbeds for independent fashion. You can clearly see that with the must stop shop, Station Co and how they’ve help cultivate a new sub-culture in the city of Denver. Known for their awareness on getting some of the best indie brands in their stockists, now they’re moving more towards releasing their own in-house goods.

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