Breaking Dallas artist, DENNIS bends elements of reality with his new cosmic project, "Hell is Real"


Written by Greg Harris

In the Texas music scene, Dallas proven itself to be one of the safe havens for the Lone Star state when it comes to talent with a mass selection. The metropolitan area along with the outskirt cities have made the DFW a place where label and music influencers are tapping into at a rate but it’s a new undercurrent that’s bubbling amongst the town’s younger crowd. Riding his own wave and establishing his own rules, DENNIS emerges as one of the next shining stars in the state to not only offer differentiation with his consistency but fully putting together thought provoking concepts in a quick format.

Continuing his hot streak with his latest stream of projects, DENNIS comes back to offer “Hell is Real”, a cringey driven body of work that’s filled with rage and emotion that will get listeners to listen up. While the project may be only 9 songs, it’s a hefty piece of work that can engage new fans and continued supporters to dive fully into the off-kilter mindset that this artist offers. While this may be one of his moments over a long standing amount of time, DENNIS ceases it by showing much promise with his artistry and stealthy direction on this body of work.

Check out the new project below.