The New Meaning of Trade Expo: Complex Con 2017 Recap 

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Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Shaun Llewellyn and Dami Adeyem

Last year, we dove in head first into the inaugural experience of Complex Magazine’s Complex Con through the eyes of our director of photography, Ike Abakah. In the recap we seen the capsules and visual displays of Carrots, VLONE, Rare Panther, PUMA, and more. The first year gave light to the prototype of the structure that Complex wanted to build for their star stricken expo, but this being the second year they’ve exceeded expectations and provided more of a cohesive line up when it came to their performances and advice segments. 

Still waving the Connecticut flag as far as coverage goes, Shaun Llewellyn and Dami Adeyemi served as our guest guys behind the camera capturing the essence of Complex Con. This year being different last year, Complex gave Modern Life Mag the green light as an official media outlet for the expo, so we had an inside look into what was happening at this year’s festivities. From capturing Outkast’s Andre 3000 sketching to N.E.R.D. ’s electrifying performance to Big Sean Puma collaboration, MLM served as the private eye into all the inclusive action that was happening in Long Beach. 

Check out the recap images and video of our coverage below.