Pure Raw Uncut Emotion: The Aspiring Me’s x Nuri Hazzard Cafe Performance Recap 

Written by Greg Harris // Photos by Ike Abakah 

On a slightly cold night in the parts of Brooklyn, NY, the essence of Houston was greeted with a warm East Coast welcome in the cozy neighborhood cafe, Ode to Babel. As soon as the doors opened, bass thumps from Z-Ro’s iconic freestyle, “Mo City Don” was playing and the aura was a familiar feeling. The down home hospitality was in vibrant in the atmosphere, and the swank curation of the cafe brought this listening to a more intimate setting. 

As the music played and people ordered drinks from the bar inside, others parlayed in relaxed conversations outside on the patio. Throughout some time, everyone made their way inside to be introduced to the first act of the night, Nuri Hazzard. The soulful yet eruptive artist from the DMV area captured the eyes and ears of those in attendance with his articulate rhymes and his game ticking tenacity he brings to his raps. Not being introduced to none of his material beforehand, he proved he’s worth the listen with his peak moment of the night of going acapella for 30-40 odd so bars but the material he wrote floated off his original destination due to his heartfelt delivery taking the meaning of each word said to another level. The Performers solidified themselves in that manner are born winners, and Hazzard displayed that this night.

The main star of the evening was The Aspiring Me, a creative artist, and an individual who has laid his footwork in the Houston music scene since the growing pain days of others eccentric/soulful hip hop artists in Houston such as Fat Tony, The Nice Guys, Hollywood Floss, and more. Being a part of a breed that may not be as prevalent in the land of syrup, TAME prospers in the form of bringing light toward humility and providing positivity to everyday life. He drew from his latest project, “98 Almeda and 11 Almeda” and throughout these records he had a chance to share his moments about his relationship, breaking his creative zones, and ultimately becoming a different type of staple in the Houston sound structure. 

Although, it was a different setting for most of the events we do attend, but it was perfect because it allowed the perfect blend of raw uncut emotion to be displayed.  Nights like these give light to what the artist actually represent and these two did exactly that. 

Stream their work below. 

The Aspiring Me - 98 Briargate and 11 Almeda

Nurri Hazzard - Arson