Modern Life Mag “Let’s Get Physical” Recap

Written by Gregory Harris // Photos by Laudis x Van Joe 

We at Modern Life Mag have been bringing the City of Houston together for quite some time and the movement continued with our latest benefit party, “Let’s Get Physical”. In 2017, Modern Life Mag is preparing the production for our physical magazines, we feel as it that time for us to give that memorable experience to our lifers and dedicating our mission to expand the vision in real-life form. 

After hearing the news on this event, the feedback was tremendous, and we decided to go with Forever Wealthy, Godson, and Univerdge as the clothing vendors, Yobi Yobz and Kay Allah as the directors of vibes and The Tribe and Scrap Bundy as the headlining acts for the night. 

Although it was cold that night, “Lets Get Physical” brought the heat when it came to the cohesiveness amongst the people there, the sounds that were shared, and what folks left with when the night was over. 

Enjoy the content and relive this night here.