Wes Blanco + Company Turns Up Imperial Houston

During the midst of everyone getting out the warm sun, Imperial Houston managed to bring the emerging youth out to enjoy their headline store performance by Wes Blanco and friends. The artists that came along with Wes to make their presence on stage was Retro Kash, Chemdawg, Hoodstar Chantz and Tim Woods. Along with the performance, Royal Konnection had an exclusive pop-up shop in Imperial Houston’s sister store, The Annex, the place for independent brands and high-end streetwear threads. The function brought the city together out for a very good time to check out performances, buy exclusive pieces, vibe with Yobi Yobz and Kay Allah with their skills on the turn table, and embrace the renaissance era that’s happening in Houston right now. 

Check out the exclusive photo gallery by Tee Hundred below.