MLM Premier: Univerdge Summer 2016 Lookbook

Although the golden age of streetwear has seen its days of glory a few years ago, they are a few brands who are still going against the social norms that are making threads with messages behind them. Getting familiar with this brand through the likes of House of the Naked, Univerdge makes their waves into the industry with their retro centered clothes and abstract thinking themes. From polarizing the infrastructure of vintage sports cars to maximizing on the idea of name placement with panthers, Univerdge separates themselves by defining who they are with things that they like and not being afraid of that, even if it’s opposite of what other brands are producing. The edginess found in the brand. makes them viable options for some of the hottest outfits you can choose for this upcoming school year and it’s only right if you hop on the wagon early before their clout train reaches its next station. 

View the lookbook below and check out their site here.