MLM Premiere: Oaks Clothing Fall 2016 Lookbook

Written by Greg Harris / Photos by Chad Blunt

The growth of brands and their designers have shown much promise in the City of Houston. Seeing the likes of Preston Boyer, Josh Allen, Ryan Grant, and more Houstonians get deeper in their craft, Oaks of Oaks Clothing is a rising star in the area who’s grown in his craftsmanship, artistry, and matured the image of his brand. As he continues to rise with his brand, it’s shown in his latest lookbook that focuses on the brand’s new bomber jackets, flannels, and hoodies. While the brand may be in it’s smaller stages when speaking of wholesale, but the influence that comes along with the products goes a long way. The sharpness found in the photos gives off an impression that the brand is one of the next stamp it’s imprint in the industry, and that may just be the truth. 

Check out the gallery below and shop with them here